Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

If you’re one of those people that has always liked the idea of sustainable living but is not sure how, we’re here to help. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Find Independent Food Suppliers

Small independent food suppliers can produce food on their own land in a sustainable way. You’ll be sure that the food you’re buying has been produced using clean farming methods and is completely organic. That’s something that you simply can’t ensure if you buy from big companies that you find in supermarkets. Eating food that you know was grown by someone who cares about what they’re doing is a great thing too.

You could even grow some of your own food in your garden. This is the most sustainable way to live. You might not have the time or energy to grow everything you eat on your own land, but everyone can grow some vegetables in their garden. So, give it a try if you’ve never done so before.

Produce Energy Sustainably

We all spend ridiculous amounts of money on powering our homes, but you don’t have to anymore. You can easily install a renewable energy generator to your home and produce all the energy your home needs by yourself. This will allow you to save a lot of money on energy bills, and you’ll no longer be responsible for using dirty, polluting energy. What’s not to like about that? There are a couple of options to consider though.

The two most common forms of renewable energy are wind power and solar panels. It’s a pretty straightforward process to have a wind turbine or solar panel to the roof of your home. Or you could visit and find solar panels that you can fit to your motor home. This allows you to have clean energy when you go away on a camping holiday.

Change Your Light Bulbs

If you’re still using poor-quality or old-fashioned light bulbs, you should think about replacing them with compact fluorescent ones. Yes, it might be a bit of a pain taking out every bulb in your house and replacing them, but it’ll be worth it. Efficient compact fluorescent bulbs use up to four times less energy than ordinary bulbs. And that’s not all, they also last a lot longer than other light bulbs, so you’ll get value for your money.

Some people don’t do this because they think that the bulbs will not give out the same levels of electricity compared to conventional bulbs. But that’s simply not true. They produce the same amount of light but save you money and energy too. There’s nothing not to like about compact fluorescent bulbs. If you want to be even more energy efficient with your lighting, you should make sure you turn off the lights when they’re not needed.

Decline Junk Mail

Did you know that it’s possible to opt out of junk mail? It’s one of those things that nobody seems to know about. But if they did know about it, they’d sign up for it in a second. We’re all bombarded with pointless, unwanted junk mail pretty much every single day. And it’s not just that this mail is annoying, it’s much more than that. It’s also unnecessarily wasting paper. It can often feel like they have to cut down a small tree each week just to push that much junk through your door.

So, how do you go about declining it and saving on paper in the meantime? Start out by sticking a big “no junk mail” sign next to your letterbox. This will make it clear that you don’t want it pushed through the door, and they’ll eventually get the point. You should also find out which companies distribute the mail and ask for your home to be taken off the mailing list. You’ll save time having to sort through the junk as well as helping the planet.

Insulate Your Home

We all spend money heating our homes, especially in the winter months. So, you don’t want that heat you’ve paid for to go to waste. But if your home isn’t properly insulated, you can end up letting that precious heat escape from your home in no time at all. Heat will always rise, so your loft is the most important part of the house to insulate. You’d be shocked at how much heat can be lost through a poorly insulated roof on a cold day.

You can lay the loft insulation yourself if you enjoy DIY. It’s not too difficult to do, all you need is strong materials and a guide to follow – there are plenty of those online. But, if that seems like too much hard work, you pay a professional to do the work for you. You should also make sure that your walls are properly insulated if you’re going to get the most out of your heating systems.

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Don’t Buy Bottled Water

Let’s face it, bottled water is a big rip off. So, why do so many of us still buy it? It’s a strange phenomenon. But it can also hurt the environment. When you buy bottled water, it’s not just the water that you’re buying but also the bottle. Bottles can be recycled, but far too many of them end up in landfill sites causing damage to the natural environment. To be more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, you should just buy your own bottle and fill it up at home. You can even filter the tap water if you like.

You need to think about the water you use in other ways too. Most of us are guilty of needlessly wasting water. For example, do you turn the tap off when you brush your teeth? Most of us leave it running without thinking. But if you turn it off every time you brush your teeth, you could save a lot of money in the long-term.

Sustainable living doesn’t have to be too difficult, as this post shows. Start out by following these ideas and you’ll be living more sustainably in no time.