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What is “BIPV”?

Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic System

The acronym BIPV or Building Integrated Photovoltaics refers to photo-voltaic systems integrated with an object’s building phase. It means that they are built or constructed along with a particular project. They are either planned with a particular project in mind, or they could be built later in the project schedule. Due to specific task cooperation of many different experts, such as architects, civil engineers and PV system designers, proper pre-construction planning is necessary.

Here are some examples of BIPV which are becoming quite popular as an option to enhance the beauty of a specific project as well as providing a functional resource for producing electricity.

Integrated photovoltaic roof tiles are integrated into a roofing systems are becoming common in the United States.

Window glass and skylight integrated photovoltaic modules like these from Vidur Solar are attractive and serve as both a natural lighting enhancement and power producer.
Electric on Demand prides itself on the ability to stay at the forefront of ground breaking innovation in BIPV technology and implementation.