Trailblazing Companies Leading The Way In The Green Revolution

How Businesses Can Make The Most Of Renewable Energy

When it comes to the renewable energy transition, we’re only just hitting the knee of the curve. Things are really accelerating in the space, but the vast majority of companies still aren’t on board. There are, however, some companies leading the way in the green revolution, even at this early stage. So who are they?

Home Depot

Over recent years, Home Depot has put significant effort into making its products both safer and greener. Recently, the company launched its Eco Options scheme. This was designed to build the business’s sustainability about five major pillars. These were sustainable forestry, clean air, a healthy home, water conservation and energy efficiency.

According to data from the company in 2015, Home Depot helped customers eliminate 70 billion gallons of water waste. And its products enabled them to save nearly $600 million on their water bills.


Lush is a small cosmetics chain based in the UK. But when it comes to the environment, it’s got grand ambitions. Right now, Lush is committed to eliminating packaging for products that don’t require it. Walk into any Lush store, and you’ll find bars of soap naked in baskets and stacked up on shelves. (The smell is great by the way). Of course, some of the company’s products do require packaging. But here too, Lush is committed to making everything as green as possible. All its packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This is a company committed to doing things the natural way.


It might seem like a bad joke calling VW a leader in the green revolution after the emissions scandal. But bear with me here.

A big Renewable Energy Conference blog recently ran a story on the company. Apparently, VW is building two new factories in Mexico. And both of them are going to be powered entirely by the wind. Perhaps this is an attempt by the company to undo some of the damage done to its good name by the emissions scandal. Remember, very few companies even now run their factories using renewable energy. In the car industry, the sole exception is Tesla. So what VW is proposing is groundbreaking.


You may not have heard of Allergan. But that’s because it’s a pharmaceutical company that doesn’t sell directly to us consumers. Nonetheless, it’s a major player. And you’ve probably heard of its dermal filling product, Botox.

So what does the company do that’s so green? Well, a bit of everything actually. It employs green materials, practices, equipment and technologies. The company’s focus is always on seeking out additional efficiency and a lower carbon footprint. Environmental sustainability has been a part of the company’s ethos for decades. 20 years ago, senior management took the Kyoto protocol seriously. And ever since then they have been acting on it.


Like Allergan, Shire is another Irish-based company. And like Allergan, it’s committed to going green. According to statistics, Shire has reduced its reliance on landfill by a fifth. And back in 2014, it achieved carbon neutrality in one of its American facilities.