The Jobs Scenario in Alternative Energy Sector of the United Kingdom

The world we live in has evolved at a faster pace over the past two centuries than it did during the previous 20,000 years. The major reason for that was the industrial revolution, especially the breakthrough of using fossil fuels to create power. That breakthrough created power and wealth, however it damaged our planet (almost irreversibly) through the huge demand for land and resources. While most part of the human race is still exploiting the non-renewable natural resources, there are a good number of people and companies that look at alternative and clean energy as a sustainable source to meet the human demand. This has created a new source of job opportunities for environmentally conscious people.

The UK job market especially is changing more rapidly than ever before. The primary reason for that is the change in government’s environmental polices. As the basic thumb rule goes, demand creates jobs, the change in government policies, has made it conducive for the alternative energy sector to boom, thereby creating new job opportunities.  Over the past five years, there has been a steady increase in the ‘Green’ job opportunities. The government went on record saying that ‘all jobs should get green’, now it is the responsibility of the organization to take care of their own de-carbonisation.

Unlike a decade back, when people who were interested in alternative energy jobs had very limited opportunities, today people who are interested in alternative energy jobs have a wide range of opportunities. This sector has now seen an increase in the variety of job opportunities, that haven’t existed before. The sector now needs innovators, designers, engineers, mathematicians, geologists, constructors and various other skilled employees.

There are huge projects coming up in the UK, like the one being carried out in Scotland where feasibility of tidal (wave energy) energy is being tested. Vast amount of lands are now coming under wind power generation and focus is also shifting towards renewable bio-energy. This has resulted in an increase in job opportunities related to transport, waste management and recycling industries.

Even the conventional industries and large organization should now employ environmental auditors to monitor the carbon use, this again is creating thousands of jobs across the UK. It is a win-win scenario, as the change in policy has given a boost to the UK job market whilst making a positive contribution to the environment as well.

The global market for low carbon goods and services is around $180 billion (and is growing). The UK is the sixth largest low carbon economy, and is investing a lot in the green sector. UK might very soon become the world leader in marine renewable energy. If you are a UK resident and is environmentally conscious, then this is the right time to look for jobs in this sector.