The Eco Friendly Way to Reduce Printing Costs

Eco Friendly Way To Reduce Printing Costs

Printing can cost a lot of money, regardless of whether you’re doing it at home or in the office. You don’t want money that could have gone on something more important to get spent on printing needless documents, so make sure you’re printing the eco-friendly way. Read on if you want to reduce your costs.

Stop Printing Out Your Emails

Please tell me you don’t print out your emails? Well, I suspect you wouldn’t tell me the truth anyway. Printing your emails wastes paper, ink, time, and money to name just a few things. There’s no need! What do you gain from it exactly? Stop printing out your emails immediately, and instead put them in a special folder if you need to look at them later.

Go Paperless Where You Can 

If you can go paperless, then please do. Try to avoid giving paper out to colleagues and email them messages instead. You can even save companies from sending you printed documents by requesting they get sent to your email or by text message. You could even reduce the amount of printers in your office to discourage people from printing. You should still have printers, just make sure they are suited to what you need, say Ricoh London. Make sure everybody in the office is on the same page when it comes to printing.

Print in Black and White 

Printing in colour takes more time and energy. Colour cartridges cost a lot more money too! Print in black and white at all times to save lots of money. You can change the settings on your printer so that it prints in black and white by default. Only ever print in colour if you’re trying to impress somebody.

Use Both Sides of Paper 

Why not use both sides of the paper when printing? This way you’ll make the most of one sheet. Using just one side is always a waste, so at least use it as scrap paper when you’re done with it.

Stop Clicking Print in Frustration 

We’ve all been there; our document is taking a while to print. We think the printer isn’t listening to us or has gone to sleep. What do we do? Click print 30 more times in frustration! Then, hey presto your document begins to print. But so do 30 more copies. Oh dear. Always check the queue first to see if your page is waiting in a line. If not, there may be something wrong with your settings. Also check to make sure there’s paper in the printer. There’s no need to click print more than once unless you get an error message that tells you to try again!

Use an Eco Friendly Font 

Some fonts are specially designed to be more eco friendly. Use those instead!

Buy More Eco-friendly Ink and Paper 

When buying ink and paper, make sure it’s eco friendly. This will mean you’re being kinder to the environment by supporting these businesses.

Reduce Page Margins 

Reducing your page margins means that you can fit more lines on one page. Do it on your settings to save space and paper.

Reduce your printing costs to save money for yourself and help the environment!

image from Elevate Printing