Is Your Home Suitable for Solar Panels?

Homes Suitable For Solar Panels

If you’re trying to make your home energy consumption greener, you might be considering installing solar panels. They’re an excellent option for supplying renewable energy to your home. And for most people they’re more accessible than hydroelectricity of wind turbines. But not everyone’s house is suitable for solar panels. You might not receive enough sunlight, your home may face in the wrong direction, or you might be worrying about whether you can afford them. If you’re not sure if your home is a good fit for solar panels, read this guide to find out whether you should go ahead and buy them.

Is Your Home South-facing? 

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the more south-facing the surface you want to apply the panels to the better. With the solar panels facing south, they’ll get more sunlight and produce more energy. Further to this, it’s ideal if you can install the system at 40 degrees from direct South to ensure optimal production. If you place your panels on a flat roof, you can tilt them, so they get better exposure.


Hopefully, your home experiences minimal shade from objects near to your house. You should look around for anything that could cast too much shadow over the solar panels during the day. These obstructions could be anything from trees to taller buildings that will block the sunlight from reaching your system. There could be many things that could impact the amount of sunlight that reaches your roof. Some of them, you may be able to control, but others will be there to stay. If it’s something you can remove, such as a tree on your property, you should consider whether you would be willing to do so to install solar panels.

The Shape of Your Roof 

Too many obstructions on your roof can get in the way of an efficient system. The more flat, uninterrupted space you have, the better. However, professional installers will be able to work around things like skylights, chimneys, and pipes. For example, Infinite Energy has installed more than 8000 solar power systems, and they know what they’re doing. It helps to have a larger surface area so you can make the most out of your roof.

Can You Afford It? 

If you want to install solar panels, you need to weigh up the costs and the benefits of having them fitted. The government is keen to encourage people to use renewable energy. So you can get a federal tax credit for 30% of a solar system, which is up to $2,000 on residential systems. Your state might also offer incentives to start using solar power, so you should check to see what’s available to you. Using solar-generated electricity could save you a lot of money, in the long run.

Installing solar panels is something you should consider carefully, but if your house is suitable it could change your life. Start living greener by changing the way you use electricity forever.

Featured Image: Elliott Brown