Get Solar Panels Cheaply at GreenDeal Auction

Housing with PV Systems

Solar panels are quickly emerging as a leading source for producing energy in an eco-friendly manner. These panels are simple to install and easy to maintain. They last for up to ten years without needing any maintenance. The only drawback is their high price for buying and installing them. Although there has been a considerable decrease in their cost recently, most householders still cannot afford them. At present, it costs a whopping £1500 to install solar panels that produce 1 kW power. GreenDeal Auction, an online seller provides a great option to buy these panels at an unbelievable price.

How GreenDeal Auction sells solar panels at such a low price? The answer is pretty simple. It is through Reveal Auction, a kind of auctioning which allows the customers to be in control of a product’s price. They may buy it whenever they feel the cost has dropped enough. It works as follows. The starting price (it could be the retail price or less) of a solar panel is kept hidden from the customers. It can be viewed by the participants only by paying a small bid amount. For each view (or bid), the price of the panel comes down by a certain amount which is 50% of the bid amount that each participant pays. For example, if the bid price on a solar panel worth £2,000 is £1.00, the price of the product decreases by 0.50p for every bid. This way, after a panel is viewed by many customers, its price becomes significantly low.

Free Solar Panels

This website also gives away some solar panels for free along with installation to customers based anywhere in UK. All you need to do is to bid for price reduction and be the first bidder once the panel’s price gets reduced to 50% of its RRP. That’s not all; you will also receive up to £250 worth of bids added to your GreenDeal Auction account, every time you make a purchase.

Charity Work is a non-profit organisation which gives 5% of the money collected from bids to charities helping poor African people in Cameroon. Registered members can also choose a charity from their user account. The more bids GreenDeal Auction receives, the more donations they make to charities. It is good to know that a small part of the money you spend will be used to help the needy.

How to Win on Green Deal Auction?

Once you found that a set of solar panels meets your requirements, keep a track of its price regularly. As it gets more bids, its price drops. Do not wait too much or someone else may grab the deal. Once the price comes down to a reasonable level, buy it. You may register for free at the website by filling a simple registration form after which you will have to verify your e-mail address. To participate in an auction, you have to buy credits and add funds to you account. Now, you may view the price of a product by clicking the “Show Price” button.

Solar panels help you save a lot of money on your power bills. Also, the initial revenue spent on buying and installing them can be gained back within three years. A wise investment on renewable energy products always yields good results in the future.